Real Estate Law

We are experienced in assisting buyers with real estate transactions and closings.

Thinking about buying a home or other real estate? We handle transactions in Will County, Grundy County, and LaSalle County.

Real estate transactions are like a puzzle, with many pieces that fit together to make the transaction whole. The better each piece of the whole is, the more appealing the outcome of the transaction will be. For an average home purchase, you need a real estate agent, a home inspector, a lender, and an attorney.

When you choose us to represent you for your real estate purchase, we will work with your agent and other professionals throughout the transaction to minimize the stress of this exciting time in your life, including handling of the attorney review period of the contract and inspection issues to ensure your interests are covered.

Hiring inspectors may be necessary to determine whether you are getting the value you expect. This prevents surprises from hidden defects after the closing. Should the inspection reveal issues that warrant renegotiating the price, obtaining seller repairs, or that may prevent you from moving forward, we are there to help you navigate the process.

We work with your financial lender to ensure they have what they need to approve you for the financing. We make sure all your documents are correct, attend your closing, explain the paperwork, and review it all with you to make sure everything is signed and recorded properly.